Mini Podium – Preparation Instructions

  • You should prepare no more than 3 Power Point slides as part of your presentation. (Plus a cover slide, if you like.)
  • Prior to the start of the Mini Podium session, provide your ppt file on a thumb drive to the Audio Visual technician in the back of the Ballroom. The presentation slides will be loaded on the common computer. Confirm with them your name and scheduled time of presentation. They will project the file and you can use the controls at the podium to advance the slides.
  • Your scheduled presentation time is listed in the Conference Program. Total time is 8 minutes. The oral presentation should be a maximum of 5 minutes followed by up to three minutes of Questions and Answers from the moderator and audience.
  • Be sure to practice your presentation in advance to assure that you do not exceed the time limit. The moderator will interrupt and terminate presentations that run over the allotted time.
  • The information you intend to convey on your slides should be in large type or large design so that it is readily viewable in a large room. An elaborate display is not required. Don’t put more than necessary on a slide to be too cluttered to the viewer.
  • Be sure you have registered for the meeting. All speakers must register. When you arrive at the hotel, stop by the Chapter registration desk to check in and pick up your registration credentials.