Ongoing SCCACS Advocacy Efforts

The Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons is coordinating activities and proactively identifying and supporting issues that impact practicing surgeons and patients at the state and national levels.  This is in collaboration with all three CA chapters formally termed the Joint Advocacy Committee of the ACS California Chapters (JAC-ACSCC). 

This year we continued our advocacy efforts with passage of both AB 70 Emergency Response: Trauma Kit and AB 28 Firearms and Ammunition: Excise Tax.  AB 70 will provide bleeding control kits for renovated buildings and AB 28 will place a tax to the manufactures of firearms and ammunitions.  That revenue will go to supporting violence prevention programs and other initiatives to help decrease gun violence.  The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma and the Association for the Surgery of Trauma have both provided statements and recommendations outlining strategies to increase firearm safety and reduce firearm related violence (Statement on fire arms – The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma ( and (

Despite support from the National American College of Surgeons and the JAC-ACSCC, AB 632 Health Care Coverage: Prostate Cancer Screening was vetoed by Governor.  In addition, SB 868 to provide bleeding control kits to all CA classrooms and AB 71 to provide bleeding control instruction to high school student are on a two-year cycle.  The JAC-ACSCC will continue to work with legislators over the coming year.

AB 28, 70, 71, 632 and SB 868 were all supported by SCCACS and the Joint Committee of the ACS CA Chapters (JAC-ACSCC).

Lastly, SB 516 Health Care Coverage: Prior Authorization. Has undergone amendments and currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on a two-year cycle. 

The SCCACS Advocacy Committee will continue to respond to member concerns and requests as we continue to engage in advocacy and support surgeons and patients. 

SCCACS Advocacy Committee

Chair – Sigrid Burruss, MD, FACS
Loma Linda University

Thomas Duncan, DO, FACS
Ventura County Medical Center

Sammy Eghbalieh, MD, FACS
Southern CA Multispecialty Center

Lorrain Kelley-Quon, MD, FACS

Hari Keshava, MD

John Lam, MD, FACS
Southern CA Permanente Medical Group

Learn more about other advocacy efforts from 2023 in the Advocacy Archive.

Upcoming Events

Implementing Healthcare Changes: Advocacy in California Session at SCCACS Conference – January 21, 2024

Advocacy Committee: Sigrid Burruss, John Lam, Thomas Duncan, Lorraine Kelley-Quon, Hari Keshava, Sammy Eghbalieh

Annual California Medical Association and California Chapters of the American College of Surgeons Legislative Advocacy Day

Save the Date! TBD – Sacramento, CA

Physicians to gather at the Capitol tomorrow for CMA’s 49th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day (

Leadership and Advocacy Summitt American College of Surgeons

Save the Date! April 13-16, 2024 – Washington, DC

Leadership and Advocacy Summit | ACS (

SCCACS Advocacy Representation in Action

Dr. John Maa, Dr. Jay Doucet, Dr. Sigrid Burruss, Dr. Thomas Duncan (left to right) at the 2023 ACS Advocacy Day in Sacramento.  Providing ongoing education and training for Stop the Bleed to physicians.

Rebecca King, Catherine Hendricks, Dr. Thomas Duncan, Dr. John Maa, Dr. Jay Doucet (left to right) doing a hands-on Stop the Bleed training for the ACS Staff. 2023 ACS Advocacy Day in Sacramento.

California Surgeons at the 2023 ACS Leadership and Advocacy Summit

CA surgeons meeting with Representative Correa at the 2023 ACS Advocacy Summit.

At the 2023 ACS Advocacy Summit surgeons met with representatives and addressed multiple issues including Medicare Reimbursement, addressing the physician workforce by addressing student loan debt, ensuring access to general surgery, and supporting the American College of Surgeons Priorities including: cancer prevention research, firearm injury prevention research and Mission Zero.

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