• MembershipWorks (MW) is a third party membership management solution being used to manage Socal Surgeons members. It integrates with WordPress via a plugin which allows you to manage everything from within the WordPress admin area. The MembershipWorks interface is located in the main sidebar of the WordPress admin area and called “Membership Works”. Alternatively, you can manage the MembershipWorks application directly at
  • MembershipWorks has its own Help guide which is located under MembershipWorks > Help
  • MembershipWorks content is added to WordPress Pages via shortcodes. The various shortcodes can be found under MembershipWorks > Help > Basics & Setup > WordPress Shortcodes
  • MembershipWorks data is not stored in the WordPress database by default. There is a plugin called MembershipWorks Login Connector which is installed, however, it is in a deactivated state. The plugin is capable of automatically creating a WordPress user when a member logs into their MW account. Only basic data would be stored in the WordPress database when this plugin is activated. This plugin would give members access to other WordPress plugins requiring a login without having to login again. Thoroughly think out a desired workflow before activating this plugin. 
  • WordPress page content can be restricted to members only by adding the shortcode shown below. This shortcode requires members to login to their MembershipWorks account in order to view the restricted content. You can have public content above the shortcode if desired.