Content Structure – Menus

Menus are located under Appearance > Menus and used for site navigation.

The following menus are used on the site:

  • Main Menu (Primary) – Used in the main menu which is located beside the logo
  • News Menu – Used display the sidebar navigation in the News section. Note that this menu is being displayed and called through a sidebar widget.
  • Social links – Used to display the social links beside the Main Menu
  • Top Menu – Used to display the Top Menu which resides in the header of the site
  • Home Page News Carousel  –  The module blocks located above “The Chapter is looking for you!”
  • The news module carousel called “Latest SCCACS News” is automatically pulling data from posts and not from within content modules.

The only thing special about the menus is a plugin being used called Nav Menu Roles which gives you the ability to display menus based on certain conditions such as: everyone, logged out users and logged in users.

Right now it can be used to display menus only to admin which is good for testing.

The way in which MembershipWorks is currently setup members are not WordPress users nor is any of their info stored in the WordPress database. Should things change down the line this feature could be used to display certain menus to Members only.