Content Structure – Posts

  • Posts are used to create all content within the News section 
  • Posts can be duplicated from the main Posts dashboard which is helpful if you need to copy complex formatting to another post. To duplicate a post hover over the title and select “Duplicate This”. 
  • When creating a new post you will be prompted to use Beaver Builder or Standard Editor. Unless you need to create a specialized landing page use Standard Editor. Only the home page is currently using Beaver Builder.  
  • When duplicating or creating a post make sure to:
    • populate the Title
    • set Visibility – Public or Private
    • select which Categories the post belongs to and uncheck Uncategorized (may take a minute for the options to become visible)
    • adjust Page Attributes > Template to Default template
    • adjust Turn off Easy Social Share Buttons (set to Yes if you wish to hide the Social Share buttons on a given post)
    • adjust Search Exclude > Exclude from Search Results (checkmark box for page to be excluded in search results)
    • Posts must have either a “Read More” break or you can optionally populate the Excerpt field. This is required so the entire post does not show on the News landing page. The Excerpt field is useful when you want to display a completely different intro than is found in the body of the post.
  • Save the post as a draft by pressing “Save draft” or press Publish to make the post live.  

  Standard Editor  

  • The Standard Editor uses the built-in default WordPress Editor which is a Block Editor.
  • Basic formatting options are visible in the upper left.
  • To add different types of content, press the “+” icon for available options.

Beaver Builder Editor (see Beaver Builder page for a brief overview)

TIP: Make sure Full Screen display is disabled/unchecked by clicking on the 3 dots located in the upper right. This makes it easier to navigate throughout the WordPress backend.